As many countries start to ease down on lockown caused by Covid-19, corporate organizations in the UAE and many Africa countries are adopting various measures to make their employees feel safe returning to work and also reassuring clients and customers they are in safe environemnt to conduct business. While mandatory facemasks and hand sanitizers are currently the norms at most places now, some organization go even further to ensure Covid-19 and other infections diseases are not easily spread on suffaces or passed on easily to employees and customers. One of these further measures is the installation of disinfection gates at the entraces of workplace. Generally, disinfection gates are tunnel-like gates or booth used for disifecting human bodies or goods through the spray of disfectant solution on the body or on the goods. While some disinfection gates offer basic function to disinfect the body, others go extra lenght to get the job done. Among the standout disinfection gates currently in the market is the Crenov8's Smart Disinfection Gate (SDG). Crenov8’s SDG is an automated fogging system that is capable of sterilizing people or surfaces that pass through the gate. It uses an advanced fogging system that automatically releases a harmless vaporized disinfectant to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Below are 5 major points that set Crenov8’s SDG apart in the disinfection gate market.

  1. Automation: Unlike most disinfection gates that require standby operator or human contact such as surface touching, Crenov8’s SDG is fully automated without the need for operator or any form of direct contact. The smart gate instead uses a sensor that detects humans as they approach the gate. Once human is detected by the sensor, a vaporized disinfectant is released on the human body by the nozzles installed in the gate.
  2. Multiple pressurized disinfecting nozzles: Aside being fully automated, Crenov8’s SDG is installed with minimum of 20 high-pressure fogging nozzles, which allow disinfection occur quickly and able to disinfect all surfaces on the body. Most disinfection gates in the market currently use maximum 4 nozzles with low pressure, which create mist or leave the body wet after disinfection.
  3. 5 seconds disinfection process: While most disinfection gates use between 11-30bar pressure pumps, Crenov8’s SDG uses 70bar fogging system that is fast enough to disinfect an entire body within 5 seconds. This helps reduce waste of disinfectant solution and helps to avoid irritating or drenching anyone that passes through the gate.
  4. Safe and harmless disinfecting solution: Crenov8 works with only approved agencies to provide disinfection solution for short term exposure. Hence the reason the SDG processes takes maximum of only 5 seconds.
  5. Branding: Crenov8’s SDG can be customized to client’s taste with a modern and convenient visual appearance that can help promote the company’s product and services while still serving the main its main purpose.  Aside using the branding on the SDG to promote your brand, the tailored branding helps people feel comfortable to walk through the gate without having the stigma that often accompanies the idea of being disinfected.


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