Boost Employees’ Morale During a Global Pandemic

Being a leader, CEO, or manager that oversees the well-being and the efficiency of employees comes with the great responsibility, especially sustaining the morale of employees. Therefore, when the world was unexpectedly introduced to a global pandemic that turned everything upside down, effective leadership skills is vital to surface within...


Tips on How to be Responsible during Covid-19

Life is gradually returning to the regular but with restraints that we are required to take during the global pandemic. The global epidemic, COVID-19, unexpectedly hit us and effected many lives worldwide. Lives were affected, lives were lost, and lives were changed. However, with the sense of community and collaboration...


How this modern-day pandemic will transform the workplace forever?

Entire nations are placed under strict lockdown and people are stashing supplies. The on-going pandemic experiences have restructured employees and employer’s viewpoint of the workplace. It has affected overall wellbeing, ways of interaction amongst each other and the flexibility offered by employers. Even after the coronavirus leaves, the effect will...


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